Indoor Cycling

This is what it’s all about – indoor cycling at it’s finest. The classic, yet oh so tough, RIDE class is a new, intense and fun way of spinning. Or mix it up with one of our popular COMBO classes: Ride + Core, Ride + Abs & Ass and Ride + Yoga. All of our classes are designed for any training level, from beginners to pro-cyclists. You choose your own bike and your own pace. All of our classes have one thing in common: they will leave you feeling energized and happy. Just like a really good workout should!

We offer complimentary shoe rental and encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle with you to class. If you forget your water bottle, we do offer them for sale.

 Inspirational instructors will keep you motivated from the first step of the pedal to the last sweat drop. And don’t forget – working out is supposed to be hard, fun and rewarding. We make sure it’s all that.